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Merchant Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to list my store on CouponsYard?

It's free if you have an affiliate program through Commision Juntion, ShareASale, LinkShare, Webgains channels, otherwise you can list your store forever by paying one time small fee.

I'm having problems with my coupons, help!

If you want to remove your coupon or for any other enquiry regaring coupons please contact us for assistance.

There is a spammy comment on my coupon, help!

We have the spam-free commenting system in our website. We manually approve every comment and it's filtered by our tighten algorithm to make it transparent and user friendly. If you still found any abusive / spammy comment then you can contact us for its removal.

My problem is not listed here.

If you are the official owner of the any store in our website and you have some issues regarding coupons, offer text, merchat review you can contact us with your official email example@yourwebsite.com.